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    The Right Strategies

    We know that to achieve our vision of creating places where people choose to come for healthcare, physicians want to practice and employees want to work, we must organize around the right strategies. At LifePoint, our strategies are simple and enduring.

    provider with man in wheelchair
    groundbreaking ceremony in Marquette
    three healthcare providers examining a chart
    surgeon in the OR

    Our Operating Groups

    LifePoint's facilities and practices are divided into four operating divisions: Eastern, Central, Mountain and Western. Each of these divisions has a leadership team that mirrors a hospital's leadership team, including a president and dedicated physician and provider leadership resources. 

    Map showing LifePoint Health operating groups
    LifePoint Health HSC in Brentwood, TN

    Our Health Support Center

    Our Health Support Center (HSC), in Brentwood, Tennessee, has subject matter expertise in every area of healthcare operations and provider services. The HSC is organized to bring resources to bear across the continuum of care, from before a patient accesses healthcare services to after they are sent home, while keeping quality and compliance at the center. 

    On a daily basis, our group leaders and subject matter experts are working with our local markets to help develop and implement the right strategies that ensure healthcare thrives in their communities. 

    Our Physicians

    Physicians are a critical access point to care in our communities. We work to build and maintain collaborative relationships with both our employed physicians and a broad network of affiliated providers, and we provide a full spectrum of practice management and physician support to help secure the delivery of quality care today and for the future. Learn more about how we collaborate with our physicians here.

    Clark Regional physician reviewing a chart in the hallway
    Code of Conduct poster image

    Commitment to Compliance

    LifePoint's Code of Conduct helps guide our daily activities and interactions with colleagues, patients, affiliated providers and others with whom we work. Every LifePoint employee plays an important role in upholding our Code of Conduct, and we urge employees to speak up if there is a situation that isn't consistent with our Code. In fact, we make this easy through our compliance hotline, which enables anonymous calls to be vetted by a third party. The LifePoint compliance hotline can be reached at 877.508.LIFE (5433). There is no retribution for reporting a possible violation in good faith.